Destroyed during WWII, Hofgarten ("courtyard garden" ) has been rebuilt as part landscape garden and part formal garden with historical monuments, etc. Walkers and joggers will find the stone perimeter paths conducive to an enjoyable and uninterrupted route.

Located in the western Schwabing neighborhood, Luitpoldpark is dwarfed by the English Garden and

These beautiful trails are not as notorious as Munich's popular English Garden or famed Olympic Park, but they provide just as good jogging and walking routes. There is a crushed stone path that winds through dense patches of trees, hedges and grass and approximates a 2-mile loop.

Pick up the path along the river banks and head north for as long as your heart and legs desire. A paved path parallels the Isar and stretches all the way to the town of Freising, much farther than you'll ever run.

For two weeks in late September/early October this 100+ acre concrete park is the grounds of Munich's Oktoberfest. During the rest of the year, it makes for a traffic-free and convenient running and walking venue. Pick your path.