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Bikram Yoga Vancouver (Cambie)

1650 Alberni St.
Vancouver, BC V6G 1A6
Area: Downtown

The studio is located in the City Square Mall, 1st level, and boasts a modern aesthetic with exposed brick walls in the lobby and loft style ceilings. The mall also houses a Starbucks and a small market with fresh produce. Locker rooms have marble showers and cubbies and lockers to stow personal belongings. However, the lockers are coin operated! The actual practice room has "wood" floors and plentiful mirrors; but feels crowded if there are more than 35 students. 

In addition to the regular 90-minute class, this studio offers 2 additional classes: a 60 minute express class and a Master Core class. The later is a 90 minute class of advanced postures and is for experienced yogis only. The temperature is lower for the Core class.

The drop in fee is $22 (mat is free the first time), but after that it'll cost you $2.  Bring your own towels or rent them for $2.50. They sell water (and have purified water taps), but we suggest bringing your own and not eating 2 to 3 hours prior to the class. New students will want to show up at least fifteen minutes ahead of time.

Class Schedules often change for summer. Classes start as early as 6a and end as late as 10p. It's clear on the website what the class type is: 90 minute, 60 minute or Core 40.

Free parking in the City Square complex. Cabs can be hard to find after a class. Have one pre-arranged.


Bikram Yoga welcomes beginners. This 90 minute class consists of 26 beginning postures and is conducted in a hot room (approx. 110 degrees) with, hopefully, high humidity. But don't be fooled into thinking beginning means easy - it doesn't! Iron men and couch potatoes, alike, have found themselves floored in "dead man's pose" just minutes into this challenging workout. You don't have to be strong or flexible or in excellent shape to do this yoga - you simply have to be willing. What we also really like about Bikram's is that every studio teaches the same sequence of postures so you always know you're going to get a full-body workout, a great benefit for travelers.

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