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Leopoldstrasse 28
Munich 80802
+49(0-(893) 888-9711websitePrice: Least Expensive
Area: Munich

It's another Italian style pizza eatery that draws a diverse crowd with its big pies and good pricing. The decor is modern, very urban, and a little trendy, almost like a hip diner. The outdoor terrace is a wonderful place to dine while enjoying the hub bub along Leopold Street. The menu is quite large and salad lovers actually have some decent options here. Hooray.

Come here for the pizza, but there are other options. Antipasti (caprese, carpaccio, bruchetta), over 6 salads (green, tomato, Caesar, and a few fancier versions with toppings like artichoke, tuna, parmesan shavings), and pastas (spaghetti pomodoro, tortellini, rigatoni gorgonzola, penne with spinach, linguini pesto, gnocchi scampi, risotto), even a zucchini noodle pasta. Pizzas come in a variety of flavors -- Hawaiian, mushroom, veggie, tuna, marinara and more.

Can be very noisy
Open daily for lunch and dinner. Lunch begins at 11a M-Sat; Noon on Sundays

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