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Gold Bayerischer Hof Munich - City Center

2-6 Promenadeplatz
Munich 80333
-+49 89 21 20 -0websitePrice: Expensive
Area: Munich

Located in the city's heart, steps from shops, cafes and popular tourist attractions, BH owns the best hotel gym in Munich. It's no wonder, because a former Mr. Universe (Ralf Moeller), who is a frequent hotel guest, helped choose the equipment. The 7th floor, glass-walled facility is a delightful combination of cardio machines, strength equipment, natural light and wood flooring (see our photo). Our only gripe is that the workout space is a bit narrow. However, fitness centers are not as popular in Europe as they are in the U.S. so we can't imagine being uncomfortably close to another sweat fiend. Choose among Life Fitness's top-of-the-line treadmills, upright bikes, and ellipticals for your heart pumping. A wide-ranging dumbbell set offers strength options as well as eight, stack-loaded weight stations. And if that wasn't enough, yoga and Pilates classes are offered too!

One level above the fitness center is BH's pool. We couldn't walk the deck to measure since we were wearing street shoes/clothes, but our guess is that it stretches for 12 meters (~40 feet) or so. Nowhere near as long as we prefer, but still, finding a downtown Munich hotel swimming pool conducive to some lapping and/or aerobic workouts is rare. After your workout, consider a massage in the Blue Spa or a relaxing warm down in the sauna or hot tub, also on the pool deck. We noticed that the hot tub was a popular spot for guests, some of whom were wearing nothing more than "birthday suits."

Joggers should consider an outdoor jaunt around the Hofgarten's paths (about a half-mile from the hotel) or, for a longer route, continue to the English Gardens.

BH provides six different room styles and all can be viewed panoramically on the hotel's helpful website. Quarters are packed tightly with furnishings (couch, chairs, etc.) and whimsically decorated with vibrant colors and unique styles. Frankly, we like Hilton City's modern rooms better, but BH's fitness facilities blow Hilton's away.

Work Out Onsite

TreadmillsLife Fitness
Upright BikeLife Fitness
EllipticalLife Fitness
In / OutIndoor
Lap?Not Lap
Hours630am to 1030pm

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