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SIGG water bottles not so safe afterall? Liners contain BPA.

September 6, 2009: Athletic-Minded Traveler has posted an update to the SIGG water bottle fiasco. Click here for details on how to exchange the affected bottles and possibly get a FREE Camelbak bottle.

I just read that the liner inside all SIGG aluminum water bottles sold before August 2008 contain a small amount of BPA -- the chemical consumers are trying to avoid by buying NON plastic bottles. Oops!

Cool Mom Picks has a good summary, but NOTE that as of now Cool Mom mistakenly lists 2009 as the key manufacturing date. It's 2008.

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In summary:
- All bottles made before August 2008 are at risk.
- If the inside of the bottle is a coppery color then it is at risk. Here's a picture from SIGG's site.
- There is NO scientific evidence showing that the BPA in the liner can leach into the liquid inside the bottle.
- The company offers a BPA-free "eco liner" in bottles manufactured AFTER August 2008.
- You can read a letter from the SIGG CEO here.
- Stainless Steel may be a safer alternative. (Kleen Kanteen is a good brand.)

For almost $20/bottle, I'm sure there are a number of angry consumers out there. Luckily we purchased our bottle post August 2008. Our bottle looks like this:
SIGG Water Bottle

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