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How to take your kid cycling: iBert Review

Active parents mean active kids right?  And cycling is a great family activity, even for the little ones. We recently recommended the iBert Safe-T-Seat in our 2011 Holiday Gift Guide, but now we have fully tested the seat.  And we're pleased that our recommendation stands!

First, a few product notes:

-  It's a front mounted seat designed for kids under 38 lbs. who can sit up on their own

-  There is a 3-point harness and lap bar for safety

-  It's a more interactive alternative to a trailer

-  Pedaling is comfortable and *mostly* avoids the "bowl-legged" feel other seats require

-  You can buy the seat at REI or Amazon for under $100

Second, our reviewer, an active dad, tested the seat for THREE months with his one-year old and is still enjoying it...

  • Installation: Very easy - less than 10 minutes, but the bracket you attach to your bike is metal, so it could leave some scratching on your handlebar stem.  It would be nice if it were rubberized. 
  • Construction:  Seat seems a little wobbly at first, but the instructions say this is normal, so that was reassuring. 
  • Fit:  Strap adjustments and getting your child into the seat are super easy. 
  • Ride:  Once you kid is in, the seat seems very stable and safe - no worries! The best part is that your child is seated in front of you, so you know he is secure. 
  • Travel:  Take it on trips! Our dad put it on a rental bike in a matter of minutes.
  • Extras:  Our athletic-minded dad likes the lap bar with built in steering wheel for the child. While the bell is for the parent, kids like it too.  The seat generates a lot of enthusiastic attention.  You'll feel like a star!
  • What does the kid think? Little G loves riding in it.  The frontal position allows for a full view; and since you share the view you can respond to him when he points at various sights.
  • Idea:  Hey iBert, our dad may add a mirror to his bike so he can see his kid's grinning face while they ride. Good idea!

Another way to take the kids with you? A Cargo or "Box" bike. They are pricey but a whole lot of fun. Read our review of this European favorite here.

Here's to happy family cycling. 

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Rocker Pink uses one for her

Rocker Pink uses one for her daughter Willow. Saw a picture in a magazine.

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