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Holiday Gift Guide 2016 from Athletic-Minded Traveler

Here we are again! Another year gone by. So that means another Athletic-Minded Traveler Gift Guide. These are products that caught our eye this year, and we especially love recommending stocking stuffers! Note, we don't get any SWAG or payment for recommending the products :) We just like to share what we like.

Closca FugaFor the traveling and/or urban cyclist. There are two foldable helmet options and both are appealing. The first is from Closca and its version comprises 3 mobile concentric rings hinged together with two stable positions. What this means is that the when folded it is 50% smaller and becomes flat like a book! Another player in this niche is Brooks England, which makes a collapsible helmet called the JB Classic Carrera. It reduces in size by about 1/3, and not to a flat position like the Closca Fuga. However, we think the Brooks is a bit more stylish than the Closca. Prices come in around $140 for both. 

For every athlete: The Garmin Fenix 3 helps programming and tracking workouts. This is the device that seems to get the most athletic love across all active pursuits. This GPS sport watch includes a compass, altimeter, and barometer. If you opt for the "performance bundle", it will set workouts for you and give you feedback. $375 on Amazon


For the do-it-yourselfer. Forget the professional masseuse, get a muscle rub via The BodyworksBall.  There are many massage balls out there, but what we like about this one is that we can use it while standing to locate hard to reach sore spots via the cord.  Pinpoint your spot and move to release. Neck, feet, works. $35



For the UBER traveler. Never fret about a dead mobile device again. Away Travel's Carry-On has a built in battery that allows athletic-minded travelers to charge two devices via its USB ports. The 7 lb weight won't weigh you down. And the variety of colors available is one more plus. $225


For the water loving reader: The iThrough Waterproof Case for Kindle Paperwhite means you can read and splash. Just imagine floating on a big raft, cocktail in one hand and your favorite read in the other. No worries about a spill! Or heck, take it to the tub and add some bubbles for fun! $21 on 


For the business traveler and companies with large traveling populations. A subscription to Athletic-Minded Traveler "AMT" or custom AMT site shows your traveler that you care about his or her wellbeing when they are away from home. Buy 1 or 10,000 memberships. Athletic-Minded Traveler offers bulk, discounted, enrollment in addition to custom sites for the entire company.  For single subscriptions: $2.95 for a month or $19.95 for a year. It's a STEAL. It's all original content for those who prioritize healthy living. Another perk, NO advertising on the site and the content is mobile device friendly. Healthy living content for places to stay, eat, sweat, gear up and play. Run routes too :) 


For the teacher, your doctor's office, mailperson, hair guru...Give the tasty gift that nourishes and a gift that they will LOVE. (We do it EVERY year!) It looks really nice too! Hopkins Ag Almond Gift Tins come in two sizes and include YOUR choice of 3 "flavors". Best part, EVEN if your recipient doesn't like almonds, the ability to share/re-gift is a win-win. $18 for small; $42 for large. If you live in San Diego, you can also buy at the Farmers' Markets

Stocking Stuffers for ANYONE!

Dude Wipes will likely garner a chuckle from your recipient, but hey, there's something said to being prepared with a flushable, biodegradable, paraben free, DUDE sized wipe! Yes it will work on one's "nether regions", but it is also suitable for the pits, face and anywhere else on the bod. For those who may prefer something a little "softer" in its approach, MustGear Aromatherapy Sport Wipes are infused with all organic ingredients like Aloe Vera and Vitamin E and come in varying scents. 

Instead of candy and treats, stuff your loved one's stocking with our favorite tasty snacks/fuel. These items are a cut above any sugar bomb candy bar! Our favorites include: Bonk Breaker's Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip Energy Bar, World Peas Fava Crisps in Ranch or BBQ, Wild Zora Meat & Veggie Bars, Beanitos Mac & Cheese Crunch and lastly, Dang Foods' coconut chips AND their onion chips (NOTE, team divided about the onion chips. LOVE 'em or Hate 'em). 

A fabulous little gadget for home cooks: The Chef'n Kale and Greens Stripper. We've used it and it works. It's only $8 and looks quite nice too.

Well, there's only about a week left before Christmas. We hope at least one of our ideas makes your holiday shopping a little easier. We wish you the happiest of holidays and the sweatiest of travels! :)

The Team!

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Perfect list for athletic

Perfect list for athletic-minded traveler! Although this was written for holiday, this post can also be helpful for people who are looking for gift ideas for their friends. The list is great even on birthdays, anniversaries or even a 'thank you' gift for a friend. Thanks for sharing! I will also be sharing this to help reach more readers!

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