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Best Marathons for First Time Beginners

Did your friend/relative who completed a marathon this year inspire you to try one yourself? If you're contemplating joining the ranks of marathon finishers, but not certain which race to run, consider the following best marathons for first time beginners. These marathons typically have cool weather conditions, flat courses, interesting surroundings, good race organization, and a lot of spectator encouragement; a perfect scenario for your rookie 26.2 mile effort:

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#1 ; Lasalle Bank Chicago Marathon (October)

Hands down, the best marathon for beginners and one of the top 5 for all runners.

#2 - San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon (June)

Surprisingly flat course for an area that is as hilly as San Francisco and the live music is inspiring.

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#3 ; Walt Disney World Marathon (January)

Plenty of distractions throughout the parks along the route to make you forget about the pain and make it to the finish.

#4 - Minneapolis ; Twin Cities Marathon (October)

A few hills at the end, but the thousands of friendly spectators will help get you through it.

#5 - Toronto Waterfront Marathon (September)

No hills, eh? You betcha! Most of the run is as touted; along the waterfront. Smaller number of participants in this race compared to the above four, but just as friendly.

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