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2011 Holiday Gift Guide from Athletic-Minded Traveler

Hooray for our FOURTH annual gift guide! And whether you're miserly or magnanimous, we have something for your budget.  And just as a reminder, we are not compensated nor rewarded for any of our picks. View our past lists for more ideas.

  For the traveling yogi:  YoFoMat ($50) If you know someone who carries their mat to and fro, and/or likes to maintain their practice when away from home, this foldable mat is the perfect travel companion. We tested it, and it's a cut above other travel mats.

  For the coffee/hot chocolate drinker:  Choffy ($15 for 12 oz) After reading about this "brewed chocolate" made solely from organic cacao and its antioxidant properties, we contacted the company to learn more. Two of our java-holics staff tested it via the recommended French Press preparation and gave it a thumbs up. It's smooth, like a mild coffee brew, but with chocolate undertones. There is no bitterness. We even think black tea die-hards would go for it. According to the company's research, 8 oz of Choffy yields more antioxidant power than a cup of blueberries. Also, there is no caffeine. Like chocolate the "stimulant" is theobromine

 For the smoothie lover: Alex Bottle ($25-$30) Because these bottles attach in the middle, cleaning is a breeze. There are two sizes, 20 oz and 32 oz, and you can mix and match the tops. The bottles are super stylish, but we don't recommend them for cyclists because there is no "straw/sip top". But for those who readily consume powdered beverages or anything beyond water, this is a nifty bottle!

  For the urban cyclist: Bicycle Wine Rack ($35) For those who cycle everywhere, this wine rack means you can stuff your pack with other goodies. Picnics in the park, trips to the beach, watching a sunset; just strap in your favorite vino and you're ready. We also like this company's leather yoga mat strap, but it's out of stock right now...

  For the all-weather runner: Stormproof case for iPod ($24) The product name says it all. Aquapac is a company that specializes in protecting your goods from the elements and this waterproof case will keep the tunes coming. You can also purchase waterproof headphones. ($45) 

  For cycling parents: iBert Safe-T-Seat ($100) REI sells this seats and the company markets it as a more interactive alternative to a trailer. It's designed for kids under 4 years old (under 38 lbs). The creators (and parents) were frustrated with other hard to attach seats and the "bowl-legged" pedaling often required with other seats.  Their answer was creating the iBert.  We will be reviewing the seat in an upcoming blog!

  For ANYONE & EVERYONE: Original Sprout Scrumptious Baby Cream ($12-$30) Okay, it is for babies, but trust the Athletic-Minded Traveler team. The scent is amazing. The texture is rich. It's all natural, with no greasy residue, and it's 100% Vegan and cruelty free. It's pricey, but so worth it. 

  For the host/hostess/parent: Personalized Fortune Cookies. ($20+) These cookies are fun. We've used this company to create customized fortune cookies and they were a huge success. You can add as many fortunes as you'd like. For parties, or to tuck into your child's lunch box...It's a creative way to send a message.

For the traveling business person: Athletic-Minded Traveler!! Not only can you give a single subscription ($19.95/year or $2.95/month), but via our Corporate Programs, you can give a membership to ALL employees at a steep discount. Show you care about your employees' health, wellness and work-life balance. Call or email us to learn more. 619.491.0132


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